A Recipe For Solid Sisterhood

Change is one of the constant things in the world that can shatter the sturdiness of a relationship, and sisterhood is not an exemption to this. Marriage, moving out, distance, and motherhood are some of the challenges that might grow sisters apart emotionally and physically. Therefore, this article will walk you through different tips on stabilising and fostering healthy sisterly relationships despite struggles and adversities in life.

5 Common Challenges Between Sisters

Unique personalities

Sometimes, this is one of the reasons why sisters clash. Even though connected by similar genes from parents, siblings can be separated by their dissimilarities as an individual. They may vary in things like hobbies, beliefs, and perspectives, to name a few. However, this should not be the root cause of a broken sisterhood. Instead, sisters can view differences in a positive way.

They can serve as a learning ground for both sisters to adjust not only for one another but also for other people that may come their way. Also, it can pave the way for both of them to recognise that each individual is unique, valuable, and worthy of love. The strength of one can be the weakness of the other, or vice versa. Therefore, it is better to stick side by side to find support in each other’s company.


Unfair treatment by parents among their children is a common dilemma in the family. It can cause concealed grudges among siblings that might lead to a bigger problem in the future. Most of the time, it is the youngest child or the smartest one who gets the bigger slice of the pie. And, the ones who get the fewest votes turn out to be rebellious to acquire attention.

Yet, most of the time, females are the family's decision-makers. Therefore, sisters must learn to evaluate this situation well. Since, the thought of favoritism might not be true. It is not worth risking losing the relationship because of hidden feelings of resentment and bitterness toward parents and sister.

Endless quarrel

Misunderstandings are usual between siblings. However, it becomes not normal if they cannot settle things right away. Endless quarrels might ruin the sisterly bond that they will prefer to be with other people than with their sister.

Bear in mind that if the fight sparks even in petty things, often there is a more significant root cause of unresolved past feelings of rivalry that triggers impatience and irritation to one another.


There are instances where siblings do not see each other often because of school, work, and other causes. Distance might fall both sisters apart both physically and emotionally when not handled well. They might get used to living a life without each other and neglect the sound effects that sisterhood can offer to morale, confidence, and growth.

Marriage and Motherhood

Marriage and motherhood are significant milestones in women's lives. Marriage means moving out and starting a new life with a partner; motherhood entails a new challenging set of responsibilities. However, it may not come as easy as we think to the married one and the other sister, especially when they spend most of their days together. Time can appear to be scarce when a sister enters this next level in life. And, the time being together might be lessened most especially during one's adjustment stage.

5 Important Ingredients for a Sound Sisterhood

A cup of thoughtfulness

Remember that you are each other's first and cherished best friends. You know what can make your sister happy; may it be a gift, a favourite spot to bond, or her favourite food. Randomly surprise her. Gifts for Sister can be simple and unlavish, it is the thought that counts.

A pinch of communication

Have constant communication with each other. During fights and misunderstandings, calm yourselves down. After that, talk everything out and never let days, weeks, and months pass, ignoring each other. Listen to one another and come up with solutions to the problem. When separated by distance, make sure to call and check one another from time to time.

A dash of support

Celebrate each other's wins, big or small. Support could mean a lot on days of achievement and success and so much more in times of despair and downs. Being supportive can boost the self-confidence of the other. It can also strengthen the bond between sisters, knowing that there will always be a person to back her up when everything falls into the pit.

Three-fourth cup of appreciation

It is a must to appreciate everything a sister does for the good of the other. Appreciation can mean gratefulness at the same time. To show that you truly treasure and value all her efforts, you can send gifts that will make her happy, may it be during special occasions or not. However, it is better to celebrate National Sister Day with her to make it more memorable.

Five tablespoons of time

Have time for each other. Adulting can be challenging, and both of you might appear to be busy with your respective lives. Nevertheless, try to squeeze in spending time with each other in your schedule. Do the things you both love to do to remind one another of how great it is to have a sister. Never lose the bond.

The unbreakable string of sisterhood

Have you ever seen a living treasure chest filled with not gold but of memories, secrets, stories of sadness and laughter all at the same time? Or an unlimited call-a-friend button ready 24/7? How about someone with whom you have telepathic communication?

There is no word close to describing these things except "sisterhood." Late-night chitchats, shopping, makeovers, dress-up games, binge eating during bad days are experiences that hit different when done with a sister. Friends come and go, they say, but one thing's for sure: sisters will always be there for each other.