How Can We Celebrate 'International Sibling Day'?

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One of the less remembered holidays is International Siblings Day. Yet, this day is equally essential to all other holidays if we come to think of it. It celebrates friendship, love, sisterhood, or brotherhood. And, it values the forged relationship among siblings regardless of ups and downs and trials of life. 

This article will walk you through the magic of siblinghood, how it can change a person, and what you can do to acknowledge and keep the spell going.

5 Reasons Why Having Siblings is the Best Thing in the World

1. You are each other’s first best friends.

Talking to someone about aliens, stars, crushes, ghosts, and anything random is the best thing ever! Being the eldest child means waiting for your best friend to come in the years passing by. In contrast, the youngest ones are the luckiest. They are born in the world with a best friend at their disposal. 

As you grow up together, you are starting to share the same dreams, passions, and secrets. But, unfortunately, there are times where you have to cover up each other’s mistakes to avoid scolding from your parents. In other words, being partners-in-crime is your first job in the world. 

2. You learn the value of sharing.

As a child, having a sibling does not come easy. Endless quarrels and commotions will always be there, and when things go crazy, they can even get physical. Even so, as you get older, you learn that sharing things will make your bonding more exciting.

There even come instances that you will not finish your favourite drink or doughnut for your sibling to enjoy the half, right? So having a sibling does not only mean sharing; it also means growing selflessness and empathy.

3. You have someone to look up to.

Are you the role model or the copycat among siblings? It is funny how one sibling has a great fashion sense, and the other sneaks out of their closet to try the clothes on. There come instances where one watches movies and series, enjoying the “alone time” while others get angry for not watching with them. 

After all the copy and paste scenarios, you’ll end up having a companion in almost all your hobbies and activities. And, this is where at most times, motivation kicks in.

4. You have your personal cheerleader.

Siblings are our built-in support system. Every time they are happy, you feel the same way. Whenever they get sad, you make efforts to draw a smile on their face. Joining contests will make them more nervous by a hundred times as you are. 

Regardless, you will see them waving at the bench, cheering your name. Having a sibling close to you is having a lifetime cheerleader. They are like camera recorders of every milestone that you have.

5. They help you recognise similarities and differences.

Having a sibling on your side makes everything easier. They are like magicians turning your flaws into strengths. Whenever both of you face the mirror, comparing your faces becomes automatic--- how you have different or same features in the body. 

Yet, most of the time, you will hear endless compliments from one another. Having a sister or a brother means everything to you, to the point that you disregard each other’s imperfections.

Sister Mug

Gifts for Siblings Day

We all have ups and downs with our brother or sister, yet let us not forget the happy memories that we have with them. Therefore, it is fitting for us to commemorate their love and kindness for us by giving them a present on this International Sibling Day. To help you out, we made a list of gifts that you can give during this special day.

Instant Camera

We all know that there is that satisfying feeling of taking pictures and printing them right away. Usually, girls are the ones who are fond of flashes and clicks. However, if you consider your sister a photophile, a photography-loving person, she would be happy to receive an instant camera. So, make sure to buy films with it for her to enjoy unlimited shots.

Make-up Kit

Do you have a sassy and girl sister? If yes, then this gift is perfect for her. To know what colour palette and brand she likes, you can implicitly initiate a conversation about eyeshadows, foundations, and make-up brushes. You can even browse her ecommerce cart to know what product she is eyeing on. Knowing the exact thing she likes can be considered as one of the great gifts for National Sister Day.

Love Mug

How can we underrate giving gift mugs on special days? They are one of the valuable things that we can provide to our loved ones. Is there anyone who does not enjoy drinking a hot cup of milk, tea, or coffee? There’s none, right? 


You can customise a mug with a message on the surface “Awesome Sister” or “A Fabulous Friend.” Love Mugs also have hidden messages at the bottom. Isn’t it one of the nicest Gifts For Sister or Brother for you to relay your love message every time they finish their drink?


Take pillows to the next level. Get them a customised pillow, put some funny phrase like “You think I’m crazy? You should meet my sibling.” Or choose a plush toy of their favourite cartoon or movie character. It would be nice if it matches the theme and aesthetics of their room.


Siblings = Forever best friends

Gifts for brothers

Life has so much to offer. There are days when it gives you lemons and days to provide you with candies and chocolates to enjoy. Living means a rollercoaster ride. But what makes the ride more exciting is when you know that you have someone to laugh with after the dizzy ups and downs. A carnival is a happy place yet appears gloomy when you are alone. In the end, siblinghood is a happy magic potion given to us.