How To Choose A Gift For Someone Special

Gift-giving is a gesture of thoughtfulness and care about a particular person. Through presents, we can convey a message that we want to get through to the other party. Gifts can be a symbol of love, gratitude, welcoming, and farewell.

To avoid the common pitfalls in gift-giving, we must first know the person— their hobbies, likes and dislikes, and what they need. We can appreciate gifts more if it is personalized or made based on our preferences. This will also show that the giver truly knows the receiver.

Here are the tips on how to come up with a perfect gift:

1. Do some research.

Before buying a gift, you must fully know a person first. It is necessary to do some research about their wants, needs, and precisely the stuff they dislike. This step in choosing a present is essential.

It should never be neglected if you aim to make that person feel special. Having enough knowledge about them would only show that you think about their happiness. And that you took the time to give them the best you can offer.

You can visit their social media accounts to gain more information. Talking with them and sharing interests is also an option. You can also seek assurance or suggestions from their family members and close friends if you are in doubt.

2. Make a list.

After gathering the preference of the recipient of your gift, make a list. This is where you’d write possible stuff that they might like. Think on another level by studying things that might define them. 

For example, if you want to give a gift for grandad, you might want to provide him with a watch of his choice or a beer mug if he is a beer enthusiast. Through this, he/she can understand the message that you want to convey. In that way, they can show more appreciation and gratitude to you.


3. Reminisce.

Remember, instances where you had interacted with the person. It includes the party you both attended, an event in the workplace or school, and a public gathering. What was he/she wearing? Did he/she say something about his/her interests?  

Through this process, you can pinpoint some things about the person. It becomes easier to come up with the perfect gift. Also, consider the occasion you are attending and the appropriate award to be given by that time.

4. Care Package

Decisions are sometimes hard to make. No one’s fond of keeping their mind-boggled by hard decision-making. As someone who would give a present, don’t hand your receiver problems.

Giving is also caring. Gift certificates and cards may be available online, but they are not great gifts. It only makes your job easier but burdening your recipient.

Put yourself in their shoes. You would eventually realize that you’d instead prefer something useful.

5. Include your personal touch.

Put a bit yourself in the gift. If you’re known for being minimalist or extravagant, you can always show it through your wrapping style. Just don’t change the reward according to your taste, it should always be in tune with the recipients.

6. Be practical.

They say mugs are the usual gifts given by lazy people. People would prefer to get off the hook of burdening themselves by choosing gifts. Yet, gift mugs are often underrated.

Who says they’re cheap or boring? They can be functional, practical, and passionate at the same time.

Gift mugs can easily be customized according to the recipient’s wants. If they love animals or cute caricatures, you can send pictures to the online shop to personalize the mug. Magic mugs also are a new trend. It’s entertaining and fun to use. Just pour hot water in the cup and voila; the image shows itself like magic.


7. Communicate through a gift.

Words and actions aren’t the only media of communication. Sometimes, gifts are. Tell someone how you feel about them through a presentation. Choose the things that you’d be able to express yourself fully.

For instance, flowers have different meanings. Red Tulips can be used to profess one's feelings. You can also give them a bottle of wine to welcome a person, and photos or a letter to bid farewell.

8. Choose a trusted online shop.

Last but not least, be vicious. When you’re shopping online, make sure to choose a trusted online shop on a trusted online site. You wouldn’t want to get scammed at the wrong time especially, since you’re buying a gift for someone else.


It would be best if you were like an eagle prying on its prey’s every move. When your parcel’s been sent, keep on tracking it. Also, don’t easily give out your personal information online. It’s for your safety, after all.

9. Match it with the occasion

Be appropriate. Match your present with the time. To walk on the safer side, you can always make use of the internet. For instance, you can search “Father’s Day gifts” or “Grandmother present ideas,” then all gift suggestions will show up.

However, make sure that you choose the perfect match for a particular occasion. You can also think of ways on how to anchor it to the theme of the party.

10. Don’t go over your budget.

Gift-giving can give you a pleasurable feeling, most especially if the person loved your gift. However, you must not forget to think about the money spent on the present. Is the item valuable and worth the penny spent?

Nowadays, you have to be practical and wise. Always remember that there are a lot of ways out there to come up with a beautiful gift. You just need to be creative.

Gift-giving can convey a lot of messages. However, you must be delicate enough to know the information needed from your receiver. Also, never forget to stick on your budget, don’t go overboard. Finding the perfect gift is a bit tricky, right? Yet, don’t forget to apply these ten tips; they will never let you down.


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