How To Plan For Christmas During Covid

The Covid-19 worldwide pandemic has undoubtedly affected the way we live our lives. You now have specific safety steps to take before you can enter stores you used to frequent. Companies worldwide have now opted to do business online, and most of their employees have a work-from-home setup.

This circumstance begs the question, "will we be able to enjoy Christmas despite the current situation?" This year's Christmas might look different from what we used to experience before the pandemic. Instead of having big family reunions, Christmas shopping sprees, and long-distance travel to meet your loved ones, staying at home might become the norm.

Restrictions are in place for most of the world, and both passengers and parcels' travel might be limited. The popularity of online activities such as video calls and online shopping could be at an all-time high.

However, whether we will have a Covid-free Christmas or not, it shouldn't be a reason not to show the people we love that we care for them.

How To Stay Connected To Your Family?

There are several methods to stay connected to the people most dear to you. With the advent of technology and the ever-improving online services of companies, you sure can find an activity you can enjoy while being safe inside your home.


Online Games

If you want an interactive activity where you can compete and bond while having fun with the people you love, online games would be a good start. Newbie or not, you can definitely find a game that fits your needs.

Popular games include FPS (first-person shooting) games such as Call of Duty, PUBG, and Fortnite. You can also opt for RPG (role-playing games), which are more immersive and have rich storylines. Racing games can also be fun to play if you want quick time-killing activities.

Make sure that the games you play have the correct ratings for the audience who'll be playing.

Video Conferences

If you are born to a family who loves to spend time talking, sharing stories, and bond over happy memories, video conferences might be perfect for you. You can choose from several platforms for these types of activities.

Zoom and Skype have recently been the popular choice for individuals who wish to go on live calls with their colleagues. However, you can also utilize this to arrange virtual family meetings.

Online Watch Parties

For those families who enjoy spending their time watching movies, T.V. series, and shows, you can continue to do so while doing it online. You can search for several downloadable apps on your smartphone or tablet and use them to connect with your loved ones.

One popular streaming app, Netflix, has a watch party feature and can be used by anyone who has premium access to the application.

You can also arrange to watch Youtube videos and other content from several content streaming platforms while you share your screen with your loved ones. If you have digital copies of old family pictures and home videos, you can set it up so that your family from different locations can watch it together.virtually.

These are only a few of the ideas and activities you can do to stay connected with your family. You can focus on activities that trigger joyous memories; after all, Christmas is supposed to be a happy holiday.

Gift-giving During Covid

However, while these activities are undoubtedly fun, Christmas won't be complete without gift-giving. One way to express your love for the people you care for is through giving presents. When most people are disconnected, it is essential to take extra steps to show how much you care for them.

While you have several options to buy gifts, the two primary choices are either retail or online shops.

Retail Shopping

Nothing feels better than feeling the rush and the happiness of going to a store to buy something for a loved one. Having the ability to touch and see the items you buy physically gives a different kind of happiness and security that you purchase the right gift.

But because of the current situation we are in, it might be too risky to expose yourself to the outside world. Strict safety guidelines are also in place in almost all establishments, and you cannot be sure whether your local shop is open or not. It might even take up too much of your time if you queue in these shops since strict monitoring of the traffic volume is in place in the establishments.

Online Shopping

If you've noticed, there has been a rise in the number of brands that offer online shopping capabilities to bridge the market gap. Online shopping is a viable option for those who want to purchase items but are concerned for their safety.

Nonetheless, there are still downsides to buying gifts online, especially if it is your first time transacting with the store. You cannot get the same personal customer service you receive when you go to brick-and-mortar stores if you shop online. There's also the issue of logistics - will the gift arrive on time for Christmas and other gift-giving events during the holidays?


Despite these concerns, online shopping would still be the better choice between the two. You and your loved ones' health and safety should always be your top priority. Here are certain measures you need to keep in mind to avoid problems in your online shopping experience:

Order Early

Since logistical problems are one of the biggest concerns for online shopping, you need to allow your orders to arrive for a long time. You may need to go the extra mile and research the e-commerce platforms you order from and see other customers' reviews.

Look For Products That Have Emotional Value

More than having your gifts arrive on-time, what's more, meaningful is the gift you give to your loved ones. Pick presents that have emotional connections and meaning to the receiver.

Photo Book

You can collect photos that show happy memories of you and the recipient of the gift. This gift shows that you value the memories you had together.


One method you can do is through giving them something personalized Mugs are an awesome gift you can give to your family because it has practical use. You can also use mugs to deliver a heartfelt message in a unique way. Here is an example of a heartfelt mug you can buy.


Items that you spend time and effort to show how much you value the people you love. One method you can do is through gifting them hand-crafted items. Examples of these gifts are knitted sweaters, pillowcases, baskets, etc.


While having a Covid-free Christmas might still be uncertain for most parts of the world, there certainly are actions you can do to make your loved ones happy. It is up to you to find what can make the upcoming holiday special while adjusting to the "new normal" requirements. We hope these tips helped you plan for your Christmas and continue the joy of giving your loved ones gifts in a safe but enjoyable way!