Get amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas in 2022

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers are probably the most selfless and loving people in the world. They will do anything and everything to protect and nurture their child, even if it means sacrificing themselves.

Motherhood is a full-time, 24/7 job without pay and vacation leaves. It starts the moment life forms in their tummy and lasts forever. Mums do so much for us. It is just right that we celebrate and honour them everyday, but most importantly on Mother’s Day.

Looking for the perfect gift for mum? We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of the best Mother’s day gift ideas we prepared to give you options. 



The act of giving flowers to a woman means that you treasure, appreciate, and tell them that they are beautiful. Thus, only a few women do not love to receive flowers. In motherhood, flowers can mean spring, fertility, or embarking into a new stage of life.

And, the carnation is the best flower to give mothers during Mother's Day. White carnations symbolise the virtues of motherhood--- purity, faithfulness, and beauty. At the same time, the pink ones depict gratitude, undying love, and the bond between mother and child. is a great resource if you don’t live close to your mother and want to send some flowers easily.


Gifts for mum


A love letter is a classic way of outpouring your emotions, may it be gratitude, appreciation, concern, and adoration towards someone. Love letters are golden because aside from the message etched on its pages, pairing it to any gifts for mums like flowers, pastry, jewellery, or mug makes the whole celebration special.

You can choose between opting into a store-bought Mother's Day Letter card or a do-it-yourself one. And, the good thing about making your own card is that you can customise it according to the favourite colour and theme that perfectly fits your mother's preference.

Mum Mug

Mugs are one of the most common gifts; however, try to sprinkle it with a little bit of customising. Messages like "World's Best Mum!" and the like are lovely to be seen in the front part of the mug. And, voila! You have turned an ordinary mug into an extra-special mum mug.

Your mum will indeed be reminded of how much you love her every time she uses the mug. May it be during her morning coffee, tea time, or late night milk. Make sure to buy a microwave-safe and durable one.

Mum mug


Surprise Celebration

Who does not love surprises, right? On planning a surprise, make sure to have someone to help you with it. To start, think of your mother's favourite dish. If you know how to cook it, then lucky you, but if not, try to practice cooking it first, days before the special day comes.

Secretly invite her closest friends and your family members to your organised day. Decorate the place with flowers, balloons, other party designs depending on her favourite colour. Play her favourite song in the background as you walk her through the venue blindfolded to make the surprise more exciting!

Pieces of Jewellery

If your budget for Mother's day is a little bit overboard, then you can opt for this kind of gift. A necklace with a heart pendant can never go wrong. You can also choose a locket with her picture and you and your siblings (if you have any) on the other side.

An infinity or matchy bracelet is also lovely, and you can match an earring with it if you want to. Make sure to put it in an elegant jewellery box to show how much preparation you exerted on your mother's special day.  We found some great jewellery on that you can personalise easily.

Personalised Cake and Desserts

If baking is your forte, then you can make and design the cake or dessert yourself. However, if not, you can choose to find a local bakery that is best in customising pastries. Recall the favourite cake flavour of your mother and the thing that best describes her, for instance, plants. 


mothers day gift ideas

If she is a plant-lover, then try to incorporate it as the theme of the cake. Talk to the baker and show them a photo of your expectations to achieve your desired results.

Virtual Party

For instance, you are far away from your mother, yet you want to celebrate Mother's Day with her, you can do it through online conferencing. Prepare her favourite food, search for online games that you can do, and invite your siblings or the whole family.

Try to make an appreciation video or a compilation of your old and present pictures with her. It can retrospect your relationship and moments together. It is like walking her through a memory lane.

You can send an image saying "Happy Mother's Day" beforehand to those who will be attending in the virtual room for them to set it as their background.

Celebrate her existence

We became too busy with our lives that we somehow forget that our mothers don't get any younger and need affection and care from us, like how she endured all the sleepless nights whenever we were still little and sick.

Mothers are the bearers of life. By celebrating Mother's day, we acknowledge all their hardships and sacrifices for us and somehow alleviate their exhaustion and stress. So, worry not and trust yourself in choosing the extraordinary present on her special day.