How to find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day comes around every year and it’s our opportunity to tell our Mum’s just how much we love and appreciate them.  But each year it can get harder and harder to think of a gift that adequately shows how we feel about them.  Well, we can’t host a lovely lunch for them for you and we can’t order flowers for you, but we can give you some great ideas on gifts that will easily win you ‘best child of the year award’.

Here at Love Mug,  our selection of beautiful Mum Mugs will deliver your message of love perfectly and on a product that they will use every day.  Also – Love Mug’s won’t break the bank either – they are just a wonderful way to deliver a message, on a product actually that will get used, and for a good price.

For The Mum Who Loves To Be Loved

Our ‘Worlds Best Mum’ mug has the Amazon Choice badge and over 179, 5 star reviews on  It features a sentimental message on a beautiful design that will make your mum smile with every sip she takes.

As with all Love Mug’s, there’s a cheeky message inside the mug, and this one simply reads; ‘I love you mum’, well what else is there to say?

amazon love mugs

For The Mum Who Manages To Do Everything

Do you have a mum who somehow manages to juggle everything life has to throw at her?  Well, this funny ‘mum noun mug’ is the perfect gift mug to choose.   It also has the ‘Amazon Choice’ badge for ‘Best Mum Mug’ on and has over 143, 5 star ratings with many customers commenting on how perfect the messaging is on the mug.

Inside, the mug has more fun by displaying a Superhero logo that say’s’;  ‘Super Mum’.

For The Mum Who Is Your Best Friend

Are you one of the lucky ones who counts your mum as your best friend?  Then this is the gift mug for you…. It’s a simply beautiful design that uses a mum bird and baby bird to convey the message that your mum is your ‘first friend’, your ‘best friend’ and your ‘forever friend’.  How perfect for a mothers day gift idea.

Inside, the mug repeats the bird design and sincerely say’s; ‘I love you mum’.

love mugs

We know you agree that mothers are incredibly special and this is why herea t Love Mug we ensure all of our designs are worthy to give as your Mother’s day gift.  Simply choose the design and message that best fits your relationship with your mum and let the mug do the rest.