Should I Buy A Gift For My Child’s Teacher?

A teacher’s job is not easy. Like any other profession, they face a lot of tough challenges daily. Often, they lose time to care for themselves because they dedicate all their hours to taking care of their students in and out the classroom.

Therefore, it is just right to celebrate their existence and express how grateful you are for their efforts. Teacher appreciation gifts do not need to be extravagant. A simple gift from their students will definitely brighten their day. Keeping it simple yet full of love is the best way to go.

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1. They consider their students their children.

Why schools are called “A child’s second home” is not because they spend most of their time there than at home on weekdays. It is because teachers are there to guide them as parents do. If you think of it, they have the same responsibilities as parents have, they just fulfill these roles in different places.

Like parents, teachers scold children for misbehaving and teach them the proper way to go. They do not want their children to go astray, so they prune them well while still young. There are instances where they spend money from their own pockets for student’s school supplies when parents can not afford to do so. 

Sometimes, you can hear them call you “my son” or “my daughter,” which means that they love you and care for you. Imagine how teachers’ affection for their students is overflowing and endless that they invest everything in each of them, emotionally, financially, and physically.

2. Without their sacrifice, other professions would not exist; they are change-makers.

Teachers make all other professions possible. Without teachers; engineers, accountants, doctors, and other professionals will not exist. This is just one of the many reasons why we must not take our educators for granted. 

No other profession can do what teachers are doing. They can duplicate not only themselves but also produce other experts. Where would we be without them? Indeed, being a teacher is not a million-paying job but a passion that transforms a little being into a capable adult. 

3. They teach more than academics.

Teaching is way more than the topics on school textbooks. It fills up the whole classroom. They tell stories to animate information that books encapsulate. Hence, educators are naturally born artists.

They are comedians, actors, storytellers, and even painters, painting colourful scenarios in our minds. They turn theories into reality by imparting their personal experiences to their students, may they be funny, sad, or exciting.

5 Teacher Appreciation Gifts

gifts for teachers


Let us express our appreciation for them by giving them gifts that are simple yet meaningful. Below is a list of gifts for teachers that you can choose from.

1. Appreciation Video

An appreciation or gratitude video is a digital version of handmade cards and letters. You can film yourself individually in the class, say a message to your teacher, and compile your pictures together. To be more creative, you can add words and other visual elements to make the video enjoyable.

You can play the video during your virtual classes to surprise them. It is a simple yet creative way of expressing your love for your teacher. 

2. Book

In choosing what book you want to give to your teacher, try to find out what topics they are interested in. Aside from the subject they teach, what are the things they do for fun? What are their hobbies? You can also choose something that can make them laugh or entertainment for them during their break hours.

3. Mug

A personalised mug is a great idea too! There are a plethora of choices when it comes to a teacher mug on e-commerce sites. However, you must choose the one that can genuinely relay your message to them. A mug with appreciation text on the surface is an excellent option.

It is also nice if the mug contains a secret message at the bottom saying thank you to them for helping you grow. Every time your teacher finishes their drink, it will lift their mood to see the words of gratitude inside the mug. If your teacher is a coffee-connoisseur, it would be a perfect combo if you add a coffee coupon alongside the mug.

4. A daily planner

Giving out a planner to your teacher will help them organise their schedules and to-do lists. Choose a colour or design that fits their personality, and you may opt to print their names on the front page to add a hint of customisation to the gift.

There are available planners online that are custom-built only for teachers. Some of the planners can aid them in writing lesson plans, grade records, class schedules, and spreads for weekly activities. It is better if the planner is handy enough to carry anywhere.

5. Home plant

Seeing the progress and growth of their students is more rewarding than anything else in the world. Thus, it is fitting to give them a plant on a pot with the words “Thank you for making me grow.” etched on the facade. Through this, you validate their efforts and make them realise that they have created an impact to make you transform as an individual.

Present for the Precious People in our Lives

Teachers are energy-packed beings. They radiate hope, encouragement, and love to their students. They provide great help to parents in honing children’s skills, attitude, and in overseeing their well-being. Giving them a simple present will mean so much to them and put a smile on their faces.