Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Her

We know that romance should be alive and kicking every day of the year and not just on Valentine’s day but you’d be a brave soul if you didn’t mark the 14th February with a romantic gift to celebrate your relationship on this special day.

But what do you buy?  Perhaps it depends on the status of your relationship. Is it a new coupling? A long-lasting relationship? A secret affair? A friendship with benefits?

Whatever the above, we’re going to try and give you some Valentine gift ideas for the lady in your life, whatever the status of your relationship.

For the new, exciting and thrilling romance on Valentine’s day...

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a new romance. The buzz, the anxiety and the rush you feel when you meet someone new and they’re all you can think about day & night.

The obvious Valentine’s present would be some new sexy lingerie but be careful to hit the right note and not imply that this relationship is just about ‘one thing’ – tread carefully with this one but have fun if you’re sure it’s the route to take.

How about a present that’s simple? Something that doesn’t’ put pressure on the new relationship?  We might be biased but a sentimental Gift Mug would be a suitable present. It will convey your message of Love and remind them of you with every sip they take. Here at Love Mug, we currently have three designs to choose from so take a look and see if one of these would deliver the Valentine message you want to send.

For the more established relationship on Valentine’s Day..

In some ways the pressure is off here as you know each other well and expectations might not be too high? But on the other hand, you still need to keep the romance alive and not take each other for granted.

This is where a romantic dinner for two is ideal.  You aren’t spending money on a gift for the sake of it. You are investing time in each other and carving out precious time to be with each other.  Remember to book early though and watch out for those over-inflated prices.

Or a beautiful piece of jewellery?  It’s pretty safe to assume she will love the sparkle that comes with a new necklace, bracelet or earrings.  Tailor it to your budget but ensure its wrapped beautifully for the occasion.

For the ‘I’m on a budget’ Valentine’s evening...

If you want to show how thoughtful and romantic you are (but you’re on a budget) then why not cook a romantic meal at home followed by a movie?  Or keep it simple and just lay on lots of special snacks and treats while watching the movie?  Make it a scary film and let her snuggle up to you at the scary bits (or you to her?).

A takeaway and movie is just as good if you aren’t sure of showing her your culinary skills yet! 

For the daytime Valentine’s treat…

One of you have to work on Valentine’s evening? No problem, why not go for a sneaky daytime cinema viewing and have the place to yourselves?  Or go for a walk somewhere romantic (the beach is always a winner if you live close to one) followed by a pub lunch?

Mornings can also be the most romantic time of the day. A long lie-in followed by a Valentine’s breakfast with a glass of bubbly is bound to go down well.

For some, Valentine’s day can feel like just another ‘money-spending’ occasion thought up by businesses to get our money, but romance can be acknowledged and appreciated with little things that really don’t cost much.  We hope you find something hear or at least it gets you thinking of more ideas.

Whatever you choose, let the romance with be with you and have a Happy Valentine’s Day.