What Is The Best Grandma Mug To Buy As A Gift?

Grandma Mug

Grandmothers spoil their grandchildren and love them so much.

The existence of our grandmothers is a heaven-sent blessing to our parents, to us, and to the generations to come. Therefore, they deserve nothing but the best on their special days like grandmother's day, birthdays, or even just on ordinary days. 

Even though we can never equally reciprocate their genuine love for us, we are making efforts to make them feel loved as well. Gifts and surprises are some of the best ways to let them feel the warmth of our concern and endearment to them. Mugs are one of the most common and underrated gifts to some people, yet they hold so much purpose throughout the day for beverages like coffee, tea, and milk. 

However, in choosing the best grandma mug, make sure that your grandma's personality fits the kind of mug she grips and sips from every day.

Top 3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Grandma Mug 

The material the mug is made of

You must primarily consider the kind of material utilized to make the mug. Why? Because it will define the longevity of the product. Ceramic kitchenware is widely used since it lasts longer than plastics. Another suitable material is the new bone china which is known as an imitation of porcelain. It is mostly chip and heat-resistant.

Moreover, ceramics are lightweight and handy, making it easier for our grandmothers to grip the mug. Don’t forget to choose mugs with handles for them to use the cup with hot beverages still.

A non-toxic mug is a must

Take note that before purchasing a mug for Nana, it must be safe to use and drink from. It must be BPA-free and Phthalate-free to avoid chemical intoxication that can threaten grandma's health. We all know that we want only the best for them, including being vigilant and delicate up to the tiny detail of the present.

The aesthetics

Another consideration is the design and style of the mug. Most of the grannies out there love bright and happy colors like yellow, pink, and white since it helps lift their mood and it’s pleasing to the eyes. Designs like flowers can also add to the aesthetics of the mug. 

It is also best to add words or statements on the mug telling them how much you love them. Imagine how delighted grandma will feel every time she sips from her mug and gets reminded of how much you love her. 

The Best Present for a Beautiful Soul

Gifts For Grandma

We made a recommendation list of the best mug gift ideas for grandma to help you choose one.

Love Mug

The Love Mug is pink and white, which depicts the wondrous love and affection a grandmother has for her grandchildren. It also has a beautiful floral design that will capture your granny's heart at first sight. Aside from actions, words are one of the best mediums to let them hear how we love them, a message saying "I LOVE YOU, GRANDMA" is scribbled on the surface of the mug.


Birthday Gift For Grandma

And, what is more fun about this mug is the moment grandma finishes her drink, a Hidden message inside - I love You Grandma,  will also be seen at the bottom of the mug. The Love Mug comes with a beautiful gift box which makes the product attractive aesthetically and budget-wise. This mug is made of New Bone China, considered one of the highest quality ceramic for tableware. It makes the mug 100% dishwasher safe and microwave safe. 

Great Grandma Coffee Mug

The Great Grandma Coffee Mug is made of double-walled ceramic material, making it suitable for hot and cold beverages. It is an 11oz mug that is white; therefore, using it on any occasion will not be a problem. The mug can also be used as a display since it has a witty statement printed on the front --- “YOU PUT THE GREAT IN GREAT GRANDMA.”


Coffee Mug For Grandma

It is affordable considering that it only costs under £10.00, and it is already microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. The product is not too heavy or too light - ideal for grandma's everyday use.

They Call Me Nana Because I Am Too Cool To Be Grandma

Most of the time, the word grandma depicts a picture of a knitting old lady in front of the furnace or a woman in her apron who loves to bake apple pies. But the said imagery is purely stereotype. There are grannies on ripped jeans and tees, and some are tech-savvy who keep tinkering their iPads. 

The MG477 Mug is perfect for them. Etched in front of the mug is a quote, “They Call Me Nana Because I Am Too Cool To Be Grandma.” The act of giving out this mug will make them feel younger and modish giving them a feel of a blast from the past. The said mug is made of ceramic making it rust and scratch-free.

The language of love

Grandmothers are extraordinary beings. Aside from our parents, they are the ones who pour out unconditional love and care. And, they have golden wisdom and timeless life stories to impart to the young ones. 

Regardless of the kind of present you give to them, it will always be a memorable gesture of love in their eyes if it comes genuinely from the heart. So, give your best shot in choosing the right mug that complements your grandma’s personality, for they deserve all the good things in the world.