Who We Are  

Love Mug makes gift giving so simple yet so effective for every occasion imaginable.

Quite often, when you’re thinking of what gift to purchase for a friend, colleague, relative or loved one, you can go around in circles trying to find the perfect gift that says what you want to say, on a product they will actually use and for the right price. And sometimes that isn’t easy.

Well, this is where Love Mug comes in.  Our bespoke range of gift mugs have been designed with the recipient at the forefront of our minds at all times. Our in-house design team is constantly thinking of all the messages you might need to tell someone and then we get busy creating beautiful designs that convey these messages and produce them on our wonderful new bone china mugs.

To top it off, we pop our mugs in beautiful gift boxes that re-emphasise your message and create a real WOW factor when received by the recipient.

Some might say a mug is just a mug, but they haven’t received a Love Mug yet!

The Love Mug Philosophy  

If you speak the love language of gifting, then chances are you love searching high and low to find the perfect gift for someone you care about and you are widely known for your creative and personal gifting skills. 

Here at Love Mug, we believe that everyone can speak the love language of gifting, even if you’re short of time, creativity or money.  In just a few minutes, you can find a Love Mug that say’s what you want to say, on a product the recipient will use regularly and for a great price. PLUS, the gift can be delivered straight to their door in a beautiful gift box that’s guaranteed to make them smile when they open their present.  AND, even better – every time they take a sip from their new Love Mug, they’ll remember you and your relationship with them.  How cool is that?

See What People Are Saying!

I used to dread birthdays and Christmas because it meant I had to spend hours trying to find gifts for my loved ones and most of the time I knew I was just wasting money on something they wouldn’t actually use.  Then a friend recommended Love Mug and BOOM, in 15 minutes I had found the perfect gift for my sister, dad and aunty. 


My best friend is always commenting on how much she loves the mug I bought for her birthday this year.  She says it’s the perfect shape and size and the message makes her smile every time she uses it. 


My son chose the ‘Best Dad Ever’ mug for Father’s Day and he loves seeing his dad drinking from it every morning before he goes to work.


Whenever I need a birthday present for one of my friends, I always check out Love Mug first because I can usually find a design that say’s exactly what I want to say and I know they will actually use the gift I give them and it doesn’t break the bank.